What Makes It Awesome

The world's fastest & easiest way to record money events

Just click a picture of the receipt or credit card slip – then talk to your phone about the transaction. You’ll get rid of all those little pieces of paper, and bookkeeping problems, in under 10 seconds.

Keep the IRS happy

In an audit the IRS requires a lot more information than a charge card slip. Now you can click & talk in 10 seconds and never worry about proof again!

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No more lost documents

Your photo and voice is all the proof you need. You’ll never stay up all night looking for paper again. We even use it for important mail.

Never lose a tax deduction again

The average person loses several thousand dollars a year in tax deductions due to poor recordkeeping. You’ll never miss another opportunity to reduce your taxes.

How It Works

This is going to be one of the easiest apps you have. All you do is: take a picture, talk about the transaction, submit and you're done! Then our Artificial Intelligence goes to work for you to process the data entry, and all of that information is safely recorded for your Accountant or Bookkeeper to view and access anytime from the cloud. Pretty cool, huh?

Download It

First you simply install the app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Talk

Talk about the transaction as if you were telling your Accountant.

Step 1: Picture

After the first time you log in, the app will open to take a picture.

Step 3: Submit

Click submit and you're done! Yes it really is that easy!


Here's what it looks like: the app opens up to the camera, you take a picture, then talk about the transaction as if you were telling your Accountant. This is instantly transcribed into text, then you click submit. That's it. That information is then sent into our Artificial Intelligence to do the data entry work and your information is safely stored to access anytime and anywhere right from the cloud.

AutoKept for Money In Transactions
AutoKept for Money Out Transactions
AutoKept for Mileage Tracking

Try It Out Today!

Simply click on the iPhone or Android button below to install the app:


How do we make an amazing product even more amazing? By allowing your Accounting Firm (or other entity) to sponsor the app and have your own brand on the app: your logo, your website, your phone number, your everything. So your clients will see you and have easy access to you all day long every time they use the app.

And it gets even better. There is a share button on the main screen, so every time someone shares the app with their friends or family, the new users are all connected to your brand as well. It is a fantastic way to get new prospects by helping them out with a great productivity app. And for as little as $97 a month, AutoKept could be the best marketing tool you will ever find!

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Interested in a Joint Venture, Partnership, or Affiliation with AutoKept? We can show you how to use our product to expand and monetize your existing customer base.

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